• Axios always need to import, It is an external library.
    • Import axios from ‘axios’;
  • Fetch is inbuilt and it is raw method.
  • Use get Method of AXIOS to get data.
    • const r = axios.get(url);
  • It is prommisable so we use await with it.
    • const r = await axios.get(url);
  • Result from axios will be always formatted so we can use result directly.
    • r.data[0].execuse.
  • Result from fetch is not formatted. We need to format result.
  • So we have to convert result in JSON.
    • const r1 = await fetch.get(url);
    • const json = await r1.json();

Using POST method in Axios is easier then fetch.
* In Axios we only need to change ‘get’ with ‘post’ and add body in second parameter.
const r = axios.post(‘url’,{‘name’:’aaa’});

* In fetch we have to define a ‘post’ method, need to convert body in string.
const r1 = fetch(url,{
body: JSON.stringify({name:’aaa’});

* so, fetch is complex then axios.

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