The chop function in PHP is an alias of the rtrim function. It’s used to remove trailing whitespace or other specified characters from the right end of a string. Here’s how it works:

chop(string $string, string $characters = " \t\n\r\0\x0B") : string
  • $string: The input string from which you want to remove trailing characters.
  • $characters (optional): A string containing the characters you want to remove. By default, it includes various whitespace characters such as space, tab, newline, carriage return, null, and vertical tab.

The chop function will remove any characters present in the $characters string from the right end of the $string.


$text = "Hello, world!   \t\n";
$trimmedText = chop($text);
echo $trimmedText; // Outputs: "Hello, world!"

In this example, the chop function removed the trailing whitespace characters, including spaces, tabs, and newlines, from the end of the string.

However, it’s worth noting that the chop function is less commonly used compared to rtrim. Most PHP developers tend to use rtrim directly because it’s more recognizable and has a clearer intention.

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